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Runs from Friday May 12 2023 to Sunday May 14 2023

Approximate running time: 1 hour


The Franco Boni Theatre
1115 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

Event Notes

Enemy Lines is a live dance performance that looks at how a climate of fear led to the incarceration of Japanese Canadians. Suddenly deemed a threat after the Pearl Harbour attack in 1941, over 22,000 Canadians of Japanese descent were forcibly removed from the coastline of British Columbia - their lives forever altered.

Held by curiosity, choreographer Mayumi Lashbrook looks back at the actions taken against her family and illuminates the cycles of fear based oppression that still affect us today. Enemy Lines is a tender reminder of the fractures of our collective past and the possibilities for our shared future.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale. Ticket buyers should choose the option that fits best for them. Please feel free to contact if you require different pricing.

Option 1: $12.50 | Option 2: $22.50 | Option 3: $32.50

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