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Occurs on Wednesday May 11 2022

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


The Franco Boni Theatre
1115 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

Event Notes

× Welcome to Hybrid By Design.

This is a festival that celebrates process and experimentation.

We invite you to do the same.

Each block of time, whether it be an afternoon or an evening, has been curated with a series of offerings for you to experience.

The artist has been thoughtful & intentional about the experience for audiences both in the theatre and at home.

Because we have programmed this as an evening of activities, we don’t have exact start and finish times.

We would love if you could join us for the whole evening, but if you are unable, we anticipate On Minors, Movement, and the Gathering of Data beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST and Grin beginning at 9:45 p.m. EST and will do our very best to adhere to these start times on the night.

Some blocks are open to audiences coming and going, while others we recommend you attend in full. We’ll always do our best to let latecomers in at the earliest appropriate moment based on when you arrive.

What's On Tonight:

On Minors, Movement, and the Gathering of Data


Start Time: 7:30pm

Running May 9-15, 2022, Hybrid by Design features seven works by artists from The Theatre Centre’s Residency program and a selection of international work curated by Battersea Arts Centre in London, U.K. As part of Canada Council’s Digital Now program, the work featured will bridge live performance and digital creation in experimental, genre-defying ways ensuring audiences in-person and at home can experience the show of a lifetime.

On Minors, Movement, and the Gathering of Data

In an age of increasing surveillance, what about the children? As cities consider smart city data collection projects, and securitization employs more sophisticated surveillance and monitoring strategies, it is important to consider the effects and implications these technologies and datasets will have on minors, who legally cannot consent to have their information gathered. This panel will consider the children as the ethics, implications and outcomes of digital surveillance in public spaces, exploring the applications of facial recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence that use ever-growing datasets of publicly collected data.

This performance will feature an immersive screening of Nehal's short film, followed by a panel discussion about the Toronto Police Service's use of surveillance technology, the ethics of surveilling public space, and how expanding the use of these technologies might impact racialized and otherwise marginalized groups.

Created by Nehal El-hadi and Coco Guzmán
Panellists: Yusra Khogali and Siobhan O'Flynn

Grin, Programmed in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre

A special screened performance of the filmed production, Grin. A performance of sound, visuals and choreography which subverts hyper-sexualised notions of African and Caribbean dance.

Grin is a masquerade of dance sculptures where body and costume are accompanied by a pulsating sound score. Conversation around community building, refusals, friendship and support grounds the development of this dynamic dance production, which both holds and is held by a cohort of friends at it’s core.

With a significant focus on black love and other experiences of interiority, this show is essential in considering how we can build empathy and reconstitute networks of solidarity.

Written and performed by Ren Nile The wide and curvy cartography of the goddess country offers five short pieces of storytelling with visuals by Jabari Elliot created live in front of an audience.

Creative Director and Choreographer: Mele Broomes
Dancers and Collaborators: Kemono L. Riot & Divine Amy Tasinda
Sound Composition: Patricia Panther
Selected Track: Five Rand Airtime Nama-Eveready: 4000 degrees by SPAZA
Production Stage Manager and Costume Design: Zephyr Liddell
Lighting Design: Michaella Fee
Producer: Siân Baxter

Tickets for Hybrid by Design are free - donations are happily accepted

Hybrid by Design is made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Fund, and the Department of Heritage Canada Arts Presentation Fund.

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