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Occurs on Tuesday May 10 2022

Approximate running time: 3 hours


The Franco Boni Theatre
1115 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

Event Notes

× Welcome to Hybrid By Design.

This is a festival that celebrates process and experimentation.

We invite you to do the same.

Each block of time, whether it be an afternoon or an evening, has been curated with a series of offerings for you to experience.

The artists have been thoughtful & intentional about the experience for audiences both in the theatre and at home. We highly recommend you attend these pieces in full as each one is a journey. Because we have programmed this as an evening of activities, we don’t have exact start and finish times. We would love it if you could join us for the whole evening, but if you are unable, we anticipate Broken/Sometimes Repaired beginning at 7:30PM EST and The wife and curvy cartography of the goddess country beginning at 8:30PM EST and will do our very best to adhere to these start times on the night.

Some blocks are open to audiences coming and going, while others we recommend you attend in full. We’ll always do our best to let latecomers in at the earliest appropriate moment based on when you arrive.

What's On Tonight:

Broken/Sometimes Repaired

The wide and curvy cartography of the goddess country

B-side Series: Roundtable Discussion

Start Time: 7:30pm

Running May 9-15, 2022, Hybrid by Design features seven works by artists from The Theatre Centre’s Residency program and a selection of international work curated by Battersea Arts Centre in London, U.K. As part of Canada Council’s Digital Now program, the work featured will bridge live performance and digital creation in experimental, genre-defying ways ensuring audiences in-person and at home can experience the show of a lifetime.

Broken/Sometimes Repaired

Broken/Sometimes Repaired is a tiny concert, inspired by a giant book. A reflection of queer pain and love, this work-in-progress micro-concert and four-song live-streamed music video is inspired by American writer Hanya Yanigahara’s monumental 2015 novel A Little Life. Writer/performer Stewart Legere explores themes of friendship, love, trauma and joy, through the lens of his experience reading and processing the source material in the intervening years. Combining, dismantling and recombining variables of live performance and pre-recorded music; each song also reflects and echos aspects of literary processes: the formation of ideas, freewriting/improvisation, editing, reusing, repurposing, referencing, dissemination. With a vivid costume designed by multidisciplinary artist Mark Reinhart, and music produced by Mike Legere (Century Thief) and Adam Warren, (waants, Glory Glory) this evolving performance is a sparkling tribute to queer resilience, love, and a celebration of the tremendous ripple effect great works of art can have on the little lives of those who encounter them. (Like most book clubs, you need not have read the book to attend).

Content warning: suicide, depression, partial nudity

Created and performed by Stewart Legere
Music Produced by Mike Legere and Adam Warren/waants
Costume Design by Mark Reinhart

The wide and curvy cartography of the goddess country

"Carl Jung thought myths were the dreams of a culture; a way to understand the ideas that drive our behaviour. These stories of Trinidadian and Greek/Roman female mythological characters were created as a companion to the story of my grandmother and aunts in Loss, the live arts, trans-media project I’ve been developing with The Theatre Centre.” - Ian Kamau

Written and performed by Ren Nile The wide and curvy cartography of the goddess country offers five short pieces of storytelling with visuals by Jabari Elliot created live in front of an audience.

Written and Performed by Ren Nile
Visual Artist: Jabari Elliott
Writer & Creator of Loss: Ian Kamau

The B-Side Series: Building Empathy in Online Spaces

The B-side Series offers artist-hosted workshops, conversations and activations curated by Sue Balint. Engage directly with artists and explore themes relating to their work, practice, and the future of live arts.

It may have been the filmmaker Satyajit Ray who said filmmaking technology will get better, but no matter how great the innovation, its only real worth is measured in its ability to convey a story compellingly & move an audience. This conversation will not focus on the tech, but on the engagement that this new technology supports, exploring how to best increase accessibility, connection, and empathy. With Anand Rajaram, Beth Kates, Sngmoo Lee, Laura Levin & Debi Wong.

Tickets for Hybrid by Design are free - donations are happily accepted

Hybrid by Design is made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Fund, and the Department of Heritage Canada Arts Presentation Fund.

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