Runs from Wednesday April 24 2019 to Sunday April 28 2019

Approximate running time: 1 hour


BMO Incubator for Live Arts
1115 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

Performance Notes

× Gülce Oral is a theatre artist/performer from Istanbul,Turkey.

She started her career as a theatre actor in 2009 during a very vibrant time of Istanbul theatre scene. Her passion in using movement as the basis of storytelling inspired her to continue her artistic research in this field: She recently completed her MFA in Performance/Creation at York University.

Since she arrived in Canada in 2017, She worked with MTspace as a creator/performer. She is the co-founder of Under the Umbrella Collective along with Jewels Krauss.

Her new solo show What is the Water? is an evocative physical performance that explores resistance, grounding and loss. Face to face with the powerful presence of her homeland only in its absence, a self-exiled woman from Istanbul dedicates herself to finding a new feeling of belonging. Closely followed by shadows of her half-imagined memories, unfulfilled desires and echoes of a lost resistance, she is tirelessly trying to settle in between here and there, past and present.

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