Runs from Wednesday February 14 2018 to Sunday February 18 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


The Franco Boni Theatre
1115 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M6J 3P4

Performance Notes

× Contemporaneity unsettles the widespread use of “contemporary” to describe European and white American theatrical dance. With this ongoing series, Anandam proposes a re-centering of “contemporary” that widens circles of inclusion, aesthetics and political frames through the body.

In Becoming, by Wild Moon & Eventual Ashes (Tkaronto), a young woman journeys from Turtle Island to the dream world to connect to her ancestral guides, challenge her oppression and trauma, and affirm her magic. In MWON'D (uma), Rhodnie Désir (Montréal) features b-boy Greg “Krypto” Selinger expressing the intimate, troubled and spiritual space of being. And in Gandhari, Gitanjali Kolanad (India) uses the mythological figure from the Mahabharata and the martial art form of kalaripayat to examine the effects of loss on the body, tracing a path from grief, through anger and revenge, to transcendence.

Tickets to Saturday February 17th's performance include an Intermission Tasting Session catered by Gitanjali Kolanad

Ancient Indian writers about performance used food as a metaphor when discussing the nature of aesthetic experience, even calling it rasa - juice, essence, taste. Just as the melding of separate flavours on the tongue creates a sensation beyond any list of ingredients, so too in encounters with art, our experience transcends the individual components. But to fully savour its pleasures, we must first be willing to 'taste' it, that is, open ourselves and take it in. So as you bite, chew, and swallow, be mindful that this is also a way to approach the works you'll be seeing.

Presented in an alternating program:
Created by Gitanjali Kolanad
Feb 14, 16 & 17

Created & Written by Asia Clarke
& Jade Lee Hoy, Directed by Gein Wong
MWON'D (uma)
Created by Rhodnie Désir
Feb 15, 17 & 18

Curated and produced by Anandam Dancetheatre for Progress.

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